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Did You Have A Happy Easter? Hope So!

Easter is such a beautiful holiday of renewal and new hope for what man can accomplish. I hope you felt renewed decorating eggs, and eating with family and friends this year. It's also a lovely time to send love to your Angels and others on the other side, as well....

Are you celebrating Passover?

Happy Passover! Sending blessings to everyone over this holiday. I just read a lovely story about Passover that I wanted to share with everyone:

What Does The New Blue Moon Mean?

Folks, the last Blue Moon until 2020 is coming today, so don't miss it. It's also a great time to tap your own spirituality and wish your deepest, most loving wishes for yourself and your loved ones. Also doubling as the Eve of Easter, you can't underestimate the...

Is Mercury In Retrograde AGAIN?

Yes. We're in yet another Mercury In Retrograde cycle starting today! Yes, I know some of you already felt it. This is a time when things take forever, travel can be more challenging, communciations and electronics can go haywire and so on. (And yes, electronic...

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