What Others Say About My Psychic Sidekick

Michael, Texas

As a recent college graduate, entering the workplace was a very stressful time in my life. My conversations with Charles helped me benefit from his experience and also enabled me to better understand myself as a person, which made me more confident and helped me manage stress more effectively.”

Ana, California

Back in the late ’90s, I met Charles for a reading at a Chinese Restaurant in New York City. I shared with him that I was planning to go on an international trip later that week, with a ticket that could be used any day for two weeks. He immediately had a strong reaction to the news and insisted that I not go on any leg of that journey.

He said he saw images of me in some sort of vehicle with luggage and pieces of metal falling all around me. He said everything was shaking. He was terrified. He also felt that my mother didn’t want me to go, as well. (I didn’t tell him during the reading, but my Mom had recently passed away just a few months before). The following morning, my fiance at the time said we should fly out that night. I said I didn’t have a good feeling about the trip (based on the reading) and said that I had some more things to tie up, so I convinced him we shouldn’t go – at least not at that point.

It turns out that flight – the one that my fiance wanted to take – crashed. The next day I saw Charles and told him I avoided that flight (which was all over the news), partially because of what he had said. Then my boss wanted Charles to look at his itinerary to tell him what flights he should avoid, too.

Charles is unusually tapped in and is an extraordinary psychic. I look forward to my readings with him, because he explores past lives in such detail, picks up on energy from personal belongings and hits the mark on current events and circumstances. He has helped me in so many areas of my life – my passions, money and love.

Andrew, New York

I have had the pleasure of receiving several readings from Charles over the past year. As a busy marketing executive, it’s hard to make time for these things, but each time we meet I’m surprised by the accuracy and relevancy of his intuition. Not only does Charles perceive aspects of my life that I don’t share (which facilitates an honest, open dialogue), but his ability to connect these aspects with all of my internal and external forces (past, present and yet-to- come) have given me a better understanding of my own life; you can’t put a price-tag on that.

His consultations are very specific, and his approach varies depending on what’s right for his client. He has used numerology, astrology, dream interpretation and other approaches to add insight and meaning to my everyday life.

One reading comes to mind where Chuck intuited a song my dad used to sing all the time – “Don’t worry, be happy” (made popular by Bob Marley) which had a lot of meaning for me. Charles brought this up during a turbulent and uncertain period of this year when I needed to hear it the most…it was a great capstone to a fantastic reading. It’s not unusual for his readings to be accurate, relevant and contextually important, so go see Charles!

Keely, Tennessee

Even though I’ve known Charles for a few years, I remember first meeting him and feeling a connection right away. He is a genuinely kind soul who is able to put you at ease immediately no matter what you’re discussing. His knowledge of numerology and his intuitive abilities are unparalleled.

I’m constantly in awe of his abilities after every reading — he’s able to know, understand, and articulate current and future insight while leaving enough room as to not interrupt your free will.

But, really, what I find to be the most special is when he connects with my Grandfather — when that happens I leave each reading feeling more and more loved and looked after. Charles is not only a fabulous life coach but someone you will find yourself wanting to share a friendship with long after your reading is over.

Jessica, Utah

I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to things like this. I think that many people are just really good at reading social cues, facial expressions and reactions. This is not the feeling I got during this reading AT ALL. All the information was given at once, not really looking for specific reactions. He mentioned, pretty specifically, major changes that had happened in the past that were not apparent in my life now. He also passed a message from my grandmother (only grandparent I had ever known) which was very accurate.

During the reading, I was encouraged to delay moving in with the person I was dating. I was not told it was a bad idea, just that I had to be really certain before I made any big decisions. After some really careful consideration, I realized that was not the right decision and, actually, ended the relationship. Almost immediately, one of my friends let me know that he had feelings for me and was just waiting for an appropriate time to let me know. We have been together for a year now, live together and plan to be married. Not only are these readings fun and informative, I can literally say that this one changed my life.

Adam, Massachusetts

Chuck is a deeply intuitive, funny and gifted guy. He has a wonderful and inspiring way of interpreting and explaining the world around him and I’ve been consistently blown away by his ability to get right to the heart of things.

There’s an immediate comfort level that is rare to find with anyone. It’s hard to explain with only words… you have to experience it for yourself. He’s like that friend who you can tell anything. And I mean, anything.

He’s worked with not only me, but with some of my dearest family members and friends, and to the person, he has been amazing. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Ann, Massachusetts

My session was excellent and very accurate. He was a joy to speak with and made me feel so much better after our conversation. Highly recommend!

Barbara, Massachusetts

Great reading. Very Thoughtful.

Virginia, Florida

Great reading and very accurate to many things, will go back again!

Carolyn, Connecticut

Very enjoyable meeting. Very interesting session, accurate in many different ways. I would definitely suggest a visit to this person, to anyone who is seeking guidance in this way.

Elizabeth, New Hampshire

I was extremely impressed with the reading and Charles’ gifts. He has a great sense of humor. I’ve already recommended him to my friends and will be checking in with him again.

Brenda S., Massachusetts

Enjoyed it very much! The reading was helpful, and what he said made a lot of sense. He is funny, and knows his stuff! I will be back!

SueAnn, Massachusetts

Great experience with Charles. He was right on target, he made me laugh and cry all in one session… Definitely worth going again to see him… Thanks, Charles 🙂

Amy, New Hampshire

Right on the money! Charles was great; very intuitive and enlightening.

Maria, Rhode Island

Without any prompting from me, Charles spoke of areas in my life that are currently going through change. He had accurate time frames for these changes and provided more than the allotted time for my reading. He is a compassionate and genuinely sensitive psychic. I highly recommend Charles for your next reading. I know that I will be back to see him in the future.

Brenda M., Massachusetts

My experience was awesome! He was so kind and delivered great messages, helping me to clarify how to deal with current issues I am struggling with.

Kari, Massachusetts
Charles is truly gifted!!! I feel so very blessed to have met him. Our reading opened so many wonderful things in myself and other aspects of my life and those around me. He has an ease about him that you feel like you can just talk for hours. He sure is special. I for one know I’ve also made a friend for life.
Terri, Massachusetts
Charles… Your gift is exactly that!!! The information you receive and share in your readings is dead on!! I am so very grateful our paths have crossed and look forward to many more readings and creating miraculous possibilities!! And of course my daughter Vicky who is expecting is going to be in touch with you soon for a reading!!
Tara Ann, Massachusetts
Charles Grant is an amazing Psychic Medium! We are SO Lucky to have him do Readings at Charmed, in addition to his private practice. I have had many Mediums at my store over the years, and Charles is THE BEST! Understanding, Caring, Compassionate! He truly LOVES to help people find Peace and Comfort in their Lives!
Sheree, Massachusetts
Amazing night with some friends thanks to Charles Grant. Glad to know my dad and Aunty are here in the background. Everyone had a story to tell after their reading.
Lisa, Massachusetts
Chuck was introduced to me by my dear friend Joseph. He takes your birthday and does your numbers before you arrive. I was really astonished when he continually talked about exploring, travel, the ocean, and photographing sunsets….as I am a sunrise photographer! He suggests I add sunsets. He said “I’m seeing a Sand dollar and you should photograph one if you find it.” Well I recently found one and made several little videos of the water washing over it. Incredible! I could have spent 3 hours with him. Truly gifted from the heart. I love knowing my grandparents are well and looking out for all of us.
Donna, Massachusetts
The BEST of The BEST! Personal and Professional.
Kimberly, Massachusetts
You are amazing… true and trusting!!! You know what you do is real and dead spot on.
Rayco, Massachusetts
Thank you so much for such a wonderful reading, Charles (and sorry for keeping you for such a long time!!!). I left feeling very happy and positive, you really are gifted. I will definitely see you again, and hopefully, I can convince my husband to come with me one day. smile
Leanne, Massachusetts
Charles offered a presentation for numerology today at Higgins Armory for a Wizarding Class. All silliness aside, he was wonderful and I loved the information and instruction he provided. Enlightening!!!
Lorraine, Massachusetts
I just had a Skype reading with Chuck and it was AMAZING! He was point on about everything about me and how I’m feeling and suggestions for the future, etc. I’m still processing it all. I can’t wait to talk with him again.
Susie, Massachusetts
Charles did a psychic readings party three years ago at a friend’s home. What I love is the combination of his connection to those who have passed on — with past lives information. We had a phone reading and another party reading. Charles has helped me clarify my strong connection to all things psychic since childhood. We also laugh a lot together, which isn’t something I expected when connecting to the beyond.
Sheri, Massachusetts
Charles is so wonderful. He makes you feel comfortable right away and he is very knowledgable. He has a great sense of humor and he is very caring. I loved my reading that I had with him on August 27th. I can’t wait to be read again.
John, Virginia
Charles Grant is amazing! We have him to thank for bringing us together some 18 years ago when my wife (now) and I were merely co-workers. After one creative meeting, Charles went around the table and provided number readings for all. When he calculated my numbers and the numbers of the woman who is now my wife, Charles couldn’t believe how our numbers matched up – old souls that were meant to be together again. Mind you, I was separated near divorce with three young kids. And my wife now, who at the time was single but dating — had never married, had no kids, and was 13 years my junior. There was no way, I thought. Well, his readings led to our eventual dating and marriage.

Today we have two wonderful children together and just recently completed a long over-due reading with Charles. Charles said back then 18 years ago that if we had children – watch out, they would be little powerhouses! He was right – they’re both brilliant, talented kids with very interesting numbers, too. Be amazed by Charles, we highly recommend a reading with him!

Debra, Massachusetts
I would like to highly recommend psychic, Charles Grant, who has provided a number of readings for me. Charles is easy to talk to, friendly, sincere, and upbeat. I truly believe that Charles is a rare individual who shares his psychic gift because he feels compelled to help others.

Charles’ ability to relate data without bias or preconception was impressive. Probing questions were not asked of me in order to provide a reading. He was able to pass along significant information and allow me to interpret it. In many instances the messages were specific to concerns I had not even verbalized. The information received helped me eliminate doubts and fears that were preventing me from moving forward. Specific choices I had been considering were validated, helping to clarify both my direction and path. It provided spiritual healing so that I could continue on with renewed optimism and purpose.

Charles further demonstrates his compassion and delight for helping others by his interest in follow up information. He enjoyed hearing back from me as messages shared by my spiritual guides translated into events.

In conclusion, let me reconfirm that I came away from his readings invigorated with new energy to apply to my life’s journey and the confidence to make it a positive experience, relieved from the worries that can create roadblocks and foster self doubt. I would strongly recommend Charles Grant’s psychic abilities.

Jeffrey, Massachusetts
Thank you for the marvelous numerology report and reading! Spot on and accurate! I highly recommend both!
Helen, Florida
Charles was on the button! Thank you, Charles.
Liz, New Hampshire
This was perhaps the most amazing reading I’ve ever had. Charles was intelligent, kind, funny, insightful, but most of all, he is truly gifted and was able to tell me things that rang so true it was uncanny. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

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