My Psychic Sidekick

Spiritual Services Tailored for You

My Psychic Sidekick

Spiritual Services Tailored for You

My Psychic Sidekick

Spiritual Services Tailored for You

Your Psychic Sidekick

Charles has offered mediumship and psychic guidance for more than 30 years, but he didn’t realize the extent of his gift until he prevented a friend from boarding the ill-fated Flight 111 in 1998 which crashed with no survivors.

At that point, he knew that he had a God-given responsibility to improve lives and sometimes even save them. He knew he had to help anyone seeking spiritual guidance or those who hope to reconnect with loved ones on the other side.

Sessions with Charles can cover anything you want insight on. Connecting with the dearly departed, careers & jobs, relationships (romantic, platonic and family-related), sex, health, fertility & babies, finding your true potential, addiction, trends for the upcoming week/month/year, moving on after loss, uncovering one’s own psychic abilities, and even past life exploration.

After hosting thousands of readings in-person and remotely, Charles would be delighted to share his counsel with you and your friends and loved ones. Taking the mystery out of mysticism, Charles gives grounded advice based on what he receives from angels, your departed loved ones, and other spiritual sources.

Uplifting, in-depth sessions that give comfort, revive the spirit, build confidence, and change lives.

What Goes Into A Reading From Charles

Some psychics only offer card readings. Others focus on astrology. And then you have mediums who just talk to the dead, but don’t talk much about your life. As a popular, multi-faceted psychic medium, Charles integrates many different elements into his sessions, making them quite unique. He’ll use many (if not all) of the following tools with you, based on what appears to be most effective for your session.

  • Mediumship – Conveying messages from departed loved ones, Angels or other guides. These can be in the form of symbols, scenes from the past, familiar phrases, and even advice on living your life.
  • Numerology & Astrology – Using your birth date and full name at birth to discuss past trends in your life. Often Charles integrates numerology and astrology as his first step. It helps him focus on you and the guides around you.
  • Guidance Based On Future Trends – Charles often tells you what’s on the horizon in terms of events coming up — to embrace or avoid, based on what the guides convey.
  • Past-Life Flashbacks – Sometimes Angels give Charles some flashbacks from your past lives, which can be both entertaining and informative for your current situation. Insights on potential soul mates could even emerge.
  • Angel Cards – When there’s time, Charles might wrap up a reading with one (or several) rounds of Angel cards. In many cases, the cards confirm messages accessed earlier via mediumship.
  • Enhanced Protection – Depending on your situation, you can ask for extra protection and guidance, as part of your reading.
  • Dream Interpretation – Sometimes clients want to focus on dreams, their meanings, and whether or not they’re direct communications from loved ones.
  • Psychometry – If you’d like, Charles can hold something you bring for an in-person reading and garner extra visions and messages from it.

Tailored For You

Every client wants a different type of reading. Some of the most popular readings that Charles does are:

  • One-On-One Readings
  • Group Readings (Two Or More)
  • Parties For Any Occasion: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christenings, Graduation, Bachelorette or Bachelor, Seasonal Celebrations, Reunions, Girls’ Night In, Yearly Friend Weekends, Charity Fundraisers & More
  • Gallery Readings (For A Group That Doesn’t Require Individual Readings)
  • Remotely Via FaceTime, Zoom, or Phone – Anywhere On The Planet
  • In-Person In The MetroWest/Boston Area

If there’s another option that you would like to suggest, please let Charles know and he will try to accommodate your request. While most people purchase their own readings, many also schedule sessions as gifts, which always go over well with the recipient.

What Our Clients Think

“As a recent college graduate, entering into the workplace during the recession was a very stressful time in my life. My conversations with Charles helped me benefit from his experience and also enabled me to better understand myself as a person, which made me more confident and helped me manage stress more effectively.” -Michael, Texas
“Chuck is a deeply intuitive, funny and gifted guy. He has a wonderful and inspiring way of interpreting and explaining the world around him and I’ve been consistently blown away by his ability to get right to the heart of things. There’s an immediate comfort level that is rare to find with anyone. It’s hard to explain with only words… you have to experience it for yourself. He’s like that friend who you can tell anything. And I mean anything. He’s worked with not only me, but with some of my dearest family members and friends, and to the person, he has been amazing. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” -Adam, Massachusetts
“Without any prompting from me, Charles spoke of areas in my life that are currently going through change. He had accurate time frames for these changes and provided more than allotted time for my reading. He is a compassionate and genuinely sensitive psychic. I highly recommend Charles for your next reading. I know that I will be back to see him in the future.” -Maria, Rhode Island
“I just had a Skype reading with Chuck and it was AMAZING! He was point on about everything about me and how I’m feeling and suggestions for future etc. I’m still processing it all. I can’t wait to talk with him again in the future.” -Lorraine, Massachusetts
“Charles is truly gifted!!! I feel so very blessed to have met him. Our reading opened so many wonderful things in myself and other aspects of my life and those around me. He has an ease about him that you feel like you can just talk for hours. He sure is special. I for one know I’ve also made a friend for life.” -Kari, Massachusetts
“Charles… Your gift is exactly that!!! The information you receive and share in your readings is dead on!! I am so very grateful our paths have crossed and look forward to many more readings and creating miraculous possibilities!! And of course my daughter Vicky who is expecting is going to be in touch with you soon for a reading!!” -Terri, Massachusetts
“Charles Grant is an amazing Psychic Medium! We are SO Lucky to have him do Readings at Charmed, in addition to his private practice. I have had many Mediums at my store over the years, and Charles is THE BEST! Understanding, Caring, Compassionate! He truly LOVES to help people find Peace and Comfort in their Lives!” -Tara Ann, Massachusetts
“Chuck was introduced to me by my dear friend Joseph. He takes your birthday and does your numbers before you arrive. I was really astonished when he continually talked about exploring, travel, the ocean, and photographing sunsets….as I am a sunrise photographer! He suggests I add sunsets. He said “I’m seeing a Sand dollar and you should photograph one if you find it.” Well I recently found one and made several little videos of the water washing over it. Incredible! I could have spent 3 hours with him. Truly gifted from the heart. I love knowing my grandparents are well and looking out for all of us.” -Lisa, Massachusetts
“Charles did a psychic readings party three years ago at a friend’s home. What I love is the combination of his connection to those who have passed on — with past lives information. We had a phone reading and another party reading. Charles has helped me clarify my strong connection to all things psychic since childhood. We also laugh a lot together, which isn’t something I expected when connecting to the beyond.” -Susie, Massachusetts

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