Tailored By You, For You

Charles truly believes that if you’re here reading his site there’s a reason.

If you’re just looking around to learn more about Charles and what he offers, that’s great. If you’re not sure you’re ready for a reading, but you’re just pondering it, that’s fine, too.

Take a look at the testimonials and the MyPsychicSidekick Facebook page to get a feel for Charles and what he can provide. No pressure. Charles is all about making this a comfortable, uplifting experience for you.

When you’re ready for a reading, he’ll be ready to schedule one for you. So decide which option meets your needs – in-person; remotely via FaceTime, Zoom or phone; in a group with your friends; or by throwing your own party. Whatever works best for you will likely work best for him.

My Psychic Sidekick’s Basic Pricing

  • 30-Minute FaceTime, Zoom, or Phone Reading – $59
  • 60-Minute FaceTime, Zoom, or Phone Reading – $100
  • 90-Minute FaceTime, Zoom, or Phone Reading – $149
  • 30-Minute In-Person Reading – $69
  • 60-Minute In-Person Reading – $140
  • 90-Minute In-Person Reading – $199
  • 60-Minute Email Reading – $129
  • For groups, parties, or other events, please email Charles to discuss pricing

Different Elements Of A Reading

Mediumship - Love From Above
This can sound kind of scary (and even a little bit crazy) to some people. But it’s really not. It’s simply the ability to interpret symbols and messages that Charles receives from your relatives (and his) on the other side, as well as Guardian Angels, and others who might help guide him in your reading. Technically, it is “talking to the dead,” but Charles prefers to call it “Love From Above.” In a variety of ways, he hears from those on the other side who want to convey certain messages to you at that moment. Sometimes they’ll discuss something no one else knows. Other times, they’ll bring up something that you, yourself, have been thinking for a while. And other times they’ll help to protect you and send you in a better direction. In all cases, they are messages of love, which makes mediumship truly a special art.
Numerology Mixed With Astrology
Charles believes that there is no exact science when it comes to offering intuitive advice. But what he finds effective for everyone is to start with a client’s full name at birth and his or her birthday. He uses this information to create several numerology calculations about the person’s personality and destiny, while also picking up key spiritual guidance and combining some astrological knowledge, as well. While most people tap numerology and astrology for themselves, some have done it for kids or other relatives, as well as pets. For people who love geneaology, numerology readings of relatives that have passed away can shed much more light than a census posting — they can speculate on what made this person tick and even some traits that could have been passed down.
Angelic Card Readings
In the 30+ years that Charles has been helping people through psychic counseling, he has tapped several types of cards. But his favorites are angel cards, which he can use in combination with his numerology and mediumship. Everything can be tailored to you and your needs.
This type of a service can only be conducted by Charles if he holds a piece of jewelry, or other memento that’s meaningful to you. For these reasons, in-person readings are required for psychometry, which often enhances Charles’ visions and advice. He says whatever comes to his mind — unfiltered — and then helps you to interpret what he’s seeing and feeling. Once Charles is done with the reading, of course, the personal item is immediately returned to its owner.
Intuitive Guidance From Guardian Angels
Charles firmly believes that everyone has Guardian Angels, who often protect us from outside forces or even ourselves. But sometimes, by tapping Charles, you can gain more insight from your Guardian Angels — direct advice to help you with the next stage of your journey. Sometimes people don’t realize that their Guardian Angels are influencing their thoughts until they receive a reading.
Past-Life Readings
If you are interested in some of the connections that Charles can pick up related to past lives, please make sure to select a past-life reading. Sometimes through the other readings, Charles will naturally see a past life and report it, but if uncovering some hints to past lives is one of your goals, you should make sure that Charles focuses on that aspect of your reading.

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