Duriing a recent mediumship reading, I was talking to a new client about her travels the year prior and she said she didn’t really go on vacation. But I sensed from her guides that there had been a weekend trip or two and she said, “Oh yeah, but not what I’d call a vacation.” Then the very small town, Harper’s Ferry, WV popped in my mind and I asked if that town rang a bell with her. She turned white and said, “Yes, that’s exactly where we went last year! How could you know that?” Then I saw her in Harper’s Ferry during the Civil War, baking muffins one minute and holding a shotgun the next, defending her home from any violence erupting in the street. I told her that trip, whether she knew it or not, was a homecoming for her and for her husband now, who was also her husband then. It just goes to show that when you’re really drawn to a place, you should try to visit, because it could be a homecoming for your soul.