After a marathon reading, my client’s guides (her mother and other tea-drinking babushkas viewing us from on high) said — “Pick a card from that cloud deck to wrap things up.”

So I asked my client to choose one more card from this huge deck with clouds on the cover. This is a special deck, best for the most spiritually attuned clients, because it offers direct messages from loved ones on the other side. My client (let’s call her, Lorna, to protect her privacy) chose this card about being surrounded by animals. She broke down in tears saying her favorite pet from childhood was a German Shepherd that looked just like the one here.

The few times someone picks this card — there is always a very beloved pet attached to it — even if that pet went to the Rainbow Bridge 40 years ago!

On that note, I often see animal paws waving at me from the other side, as animals are like Guardian Angels on Earth, so when they ascend, they automatically become Guardian Angels in spirit, too. More soon, everyone. XO, Charles,