So my father’s birthday was January 22 and I have always loved that number 22, even before I started calculating my own numerology (via Divine Intervention) when I was 15. Of course, my key foundational numbers all added up to 22. It’s a great number for people who love to work and to build a business that helps humanity. That 22 is probably one of the big reasons I started, in fact!

Getting back to my story, the day after my Dad’s birthday, I was walking to a restaurant to get lunch and crossed through a parking lot that still had a lot of slushy, frozen snow over the asphalt. But there was a yellow 22 peeking out from the snow as I walked over it.

When I entered the restaurant, very few people were there and I sat at the bar, wanting to order a meal. The bartender and a male customer were laughing and talking about how much they love the number 22.

Yes, that’s right. And they were alive — they weren’t two spirits teasing me.

I shook my head in disbelief, given what I was hearing.

“Wait, are you two really talking about the number 22?” I asked outloud.

They said, “Yes, we are — I’m born on Feb. 22nd and he’s born on Jan. 22nd and it’s our lucky number — we’re using it for Fantasy Football,” said the bartender. We laughed about that and I told them about my love for the number 22, as well.

Then I placed my order, ate my meal, and got the check.

It was $11.77 — quite reflective of the other numbers in my basic numerology — the 7 and the 11! Some would call all of this coincidence, but it’s definitely not. It’s just another sign I was in the right place at the right time. I thank the Angels and all of my loved ones for directing me — and showing me, once again, the undeniable signs that I’m on the path they’ve chosen for me.

More soon, gang!

XO, Charles,