A new client of asian descent arrived at my office and I immediately felt that she was very protected by an ancient dragon spirit. It was both protective and friendly (and knew that I was born in the Year of the Dragon).

I told my client about the dragon and she smiled. “I’ve been thinking about getting a dragon tattoo for several weeks now. I wonder if the dragon’s influencing me.”

“I’m sure he’s doing that,” I told her, “But don’t make it a tattoo. Get a jade dragon to hang as an amulet around your neck.”

She laughed and said she’s been searching for a green jade Buddha or Dragon to put around her neck. I said the Dragon would be perfect for her, especially given the huge, Dragon spirit that’s been with her now for several lifetimes.

I also told her that the dragon has protected her from several dicey situations, helping her to dodge bullets. The dragon and her grandparents on the other side told her me that they’re tired of her dating “bad boys,” saying that she needs to either help them grow up or find someone else for a husband. She said, “Well, the guy I’ve been dating is sort of a bad boy. He’s going to court next week and he’s facing some serious charges.”

Photo by Sarah Phillips on Unsplash