Now, if that doesn’t sound like the funky name to a new chapter of the book that has yet to be written, I don’t know what does. So here’s another blog post that will be fleshed out in the book.

So let me sum up this fantastic reading/meeting of spiritual minds that occurred yesterday — and not a moment too soon. One of my long-time, beloved clients (aka Josephine) needed a quick reading, because she and her long-time live-in Beau, (aka Rupert), are finally planning on getting married — this Monday. Yes, tomorrow. I know, I’m really excited for them, too. As an aside, Jo’s grandma in Heaven said, “No one can say 15 years isn’t enough time to get to know each other. That’s an extended engagement for sure.”

Truer words have never been spoken, but what was most magical about this reading was that it was focused on spiritual numerology and whether 2-11-19 was a good day for them to get married. Considering that it adds up to a 7 (the number of God, that’s also intuitive, introverted, and creative), that was a great first sign. That’s also the number the bride has for her birthdate (4/7/1970). Beyond all of that, she sees all kinds of 4s, 7s, and 0s, popping up all around her, making her feel like her Angels are reaching out at every turn.

Next up, I wanted to review the groom’s numbers and his birthday adds up to an 11 — again, there’s no coincidence there. That’s the most powerful psychic/spiritual number and the 11 also turns out to be the birthday of the bride’s father and grandfather (both of those gents were there in spirit, too).

So, if that wasn’t all enough “confirmation,” the numbers at the end of the session (recorded on her phone) made us all flip out — the spirits on the other side, the two humans involved in the reading,, and even my precious cat, Bianca, who presided over the session. The numbers were 54:04.47. (One of the bride’s beloved aunts — on the other side — had a birthday that’s 5/7, while the bride to be has 4/7/70, as I noted previously, and she’s seeing a lot of 5s, along with the 4s, 7s, and 0s. So the time the recording ended was beyond significant for her — and the rest of us.

And wouldn’t you know that I wrote most of this post around 5:47… It never ends, folks! Wishing this lovely couple — one of my favorite pairings of all time — a wonderful, blessed wedding day tomorrow. I know the room will be full regardless of how many Earth-bound humans show up. XO, Charles,