I had a reading the other day where the Grandmother of my client literally said, “Who’s the Artist and Who’s The Mapmaker?” Because I promise to share just about anything I hear (whether or not it makes sense), I wasn’t surprised to learn from my client that the artist was her granddaughter and the mapmaker was her grandson. (This was hugely specific, as I’ve never heard about a mapmaker in now 2,000+ readings)!!!
It’s a long story, but the Grandmother of these kids (my client) helped to inspire the artistic and geographic interests in both of these kids. After discussing this, the Grandmother of my client said she was especially proud of the “Grandmother that her Granddaughter had become.” (I’m getting choked up just writing about this, but as you can imagine, that evoked a few tears from my sweet client). She explained that her Grandmother was one of the best influences in her troubled early life. So it would make sense that she’d be thrilled that her baby grew into a wonderful Grandma, just like she was. AND after that, the Grandmother spirit and a few others showed me a glimpse of 55 years from now, when my client’s grandkids (Grandparents themselves in the future) are remembering my client and saying what a great example she was as a Grandparent, one that they were emulating. What a wonderful, redeeming and healing session that was, spanning the voices of three generations of grandparents — the past, the present, and well into the future.