Tomorrow morning’s Super Blue Blood Moon hasn’t occurred since 1866 — that represents a few lifetimes for most of us. Such a celestial rarity is sure to make tensions high for those of us with psychic sensitivities (just about anyone in the MyPsychicSidekick Community). So please count to 10 (or 15) before you say something that you might regret (yes, I’m telling myself that advice, as well). And turn challenges into opportunities to the best of your ability. But beyond all of that, given the uber-intensity of this moon, when you’re feeling love, compassion, passion, or anything positive, relish in it and pass it on…You just might reach a new level of happiness — one that you can always recapture when you’re not quite as content. Be good to one another. Give hugs. XO, Charles

(P.S. — Here’s a link to an informative article: