If you’ve been reading posts for a while now, you know that I’m the baby whisperer. And, in fact, I’ve predicted now about 55 babies and counting so far this lifetime. Well, I was giving someone a reading the other night who’s just a few weeks pregnant. Yes, the reading was about her, but it quickly turned into a reading about the baby — as the baby’s spirit was saying some pretty amazing things. Though the timing of the baby might not seem right to us, the baby told me quite clearly that it’s coming to help everyone out in its family and that it has a strong musical talent. The last card the mom-to-be chose was the Make Music card and I asked if there’s strong musical talent in her family and she said, Yes, from my Dad’s side, and I sing a lot, too. And then the baby showed me that it could very well do a lot with music many, many years from now. The gist was that no one should be worried about this so-called poorly timed baby. The baby is actually going to fix more than anyone can imagine now and for years to come.