Back when I was a tiny baby (yes, in this lifetime), my parents were delighted to run into a famous actress at the time, Mercedes McCambridge, at the local drugstore. (We lived in Los Angeles at that point). She took one look at me and said that I was a real angel. While that made my parents feel good, years later, when I heard the story, I was elated. That’s because Mercedes was one of my favorite guest stars on my all-time, No. 1 TV show, Bewitched. So fast-forward to the present (er, like 40 years or so, can you hear me clearing my throat?), I was in the midst of a psychic reading and who appears but sweet Mercedes, as a Guardian Angel for my client (the sister of one of my favorite friends/clients). I was so thrilled to see that she was protecting this client, that I told her the whole story about Mercedes. Well, after the reading, she looked her up and saw that they shared many things in common in real life (though their lives were a good 65 years apart). So it just goes to show that you never know what spiritual connections will surface in a reading — and what interesting tidbits you might find after it’s over. And Mercedes, honey, I think it’s funny who turned out to be the (Guardian) Angel, now…(Thanks again for the visit. I was a delight to have you in our presence).