There was a very sad event that recently occurred to a family that really is like a second family for me. One of my best friends just lost his brother, Craig, who passed away suddenly in his 30s. I remember him as a 14-year-old kid with braces and moussed hair and I had the chance to see him and say a few words about a month ago. But then he died last week. Craig was a great guy all around — very kind, smart, funny, and quite a loving soul. Since Craig passed, I have received several signs that he’s trying to contact us to say he’s okay. Some of the strongest signs involved literally driving by “Craig Rd.,” having someone named Craig reach out to me on LinkedIn (a first in 10 years), having Facebook announce our sixth anniversary as Facebook friends the day after Craig’s funeral, plus the frequent requests for me to keep his nephews laughing as much as possible. In life, Craig was always a character that made them laugh and lightened their lives. Appropriate and inappropriate jokes were part of the fabric of their relationship — and certainly were coming down from Heaven for me to pass along. Though I have the rare gift of talking to loved ones on the other side, a passing like this one still feels quite sad. Yes, Craig is managing it so well from the other side, but my regular human side still mourns the loss of his physical presence on Earth. God Bless You, Buddy. And please continue to look over all of us (especially your nephews and niece) from your new, Heavenly perch.