WCVB-TV, Channel 5, released the sad news at longtime TV personality Frank Avruch has died after a long life and career. I remember Frank as a staple of Boston-area TV in the ’70s and ’80s, especially for those of us who liked to stay up late and watch old movies. (Yes, I was tapping into past-life experiences at a very young age, and the movies from Frank’s show, That’s Entertainment, were part of that journey, as it turns out). In fact, he wasn’t only a Boston-area legend, he was a hit across Massachusetts, and, in fact, New England.

Frank, if you ever want to star in one of my readings, please be my guest. I’m sure you’ll be a Guardian Angel for many artists, poets, aspiring TV people, and more as you take on this next chapter. Thanks for many years of joy and bringing a level of class to TV that would be lovely to resurrect in some form now, too. All the best from the crew at MyPsychicSidekick.com, Mr. Avruch.