Yes. We’re in yet another Mercury In Retrograde cycle starting today! Yes, I know some of you already felt it. This is a time when things take forever, travel can be more challenging, communciations and electronics can go haywire and so on. (And yes, electronic communications like BLOGS, emails, texts, memes and more can REALLY get messed up)!

This period lasts from now until April 15th. (If that date doesn’t rub salt in the wound, I don’t know what does…But you just have to laugh about it). 

So buckle up and buckle down.

This particular Mercury In Retrograde period also occurs during the world’s Year of Patience and Spirituality. And if nothing else, Mercury In Retrograde is intended to be a time when you slow down, contemplate life, avoid rash decisions, and generally force yourself to be patient with everything.

What does this all add up to?

Well, it means March 22 — April 15, 2018 will require MAJOR AMOUNTS OF PATIENCE, but could YIELD AN ALMOST UNIMAGINABLE LEVEL OF SPIRITUALITY by the time it’s done.

So do anything you can to be and feel more spiritually connected during this time and you can reap major rewards — especially if you’re patient! Feel free to comment in social media, on this blog, or elsewhere. Thanks for being patient with me and reading this entire blog post!

All the best, Charles

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