It’s April 1st and the first signs of spring have shown up in my yard. For those of you following these posts for the past five years or so, you know that nature speaks rather loudly to me (in the same way as loved ones on the other side). And I was delighted to see my purple crocus emerge, along with a tiny rose bush, and the almightly Angelica plant (which wards off negativity and any forces the folks at don’t want anywhere near them). The Angelica plant is a healing herb and it has even been used in exorcisms! It’s interesting that the Angelic plants in my yard (too many to count right now) are the very first ones to emerge — even before the legendary crocus. Man, they are strong, leafy, and we love them over here. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and that you’re gearing up for a fantastic week. XO, Charles,