These school massacres can’t all be solved by pointing fingers at just one issue that creates them. This is why they are so hard to solve.

And people tend to want to see the cause of this unbelievable violence and hateful destruction of life as that one issue that rises to the top of their consciousness — guns, or mental health issues, or violence on TV/movies/videogames/VR or bullying (either the gunslinger as the bully or as the victim of bullying, which led him or her to this terrible act of revenge).

As a psychic medium and life coach here at, I see that there are many, interwoven causes to life events and tragic choices, so tackling one cause will never solve the overall problem.

While I certainly don’t have all of the answers to solve this terrible epidemic of school shootings, I’m asking our voters and our leaders currently in office to consider all of the causes they can possibly consider and address at least three of them in their attempt to solve the problem.

As a society, we need to solve this, but it requires much bigger thinking than just saying — oh, it’s our overburdened mental illness system, or it’s millennials who have had terrible parenting, or it’s all about the gun lobbyists.

So I’m praying for the victims (both alive and dead), that poor Sante Fe, TX town, the parents, siblings, and friends of the injured or dead, and all of us in this country. More intelligent thinking needs to prevail and everyone (including the next potential shooter) needs to dig deep and think of his or her soul mission to leave this planet better than we found it. (I know, no one ever brings that up, but it’s a universal truth. Let’s not forget it).

If we all focus on that (plus a number of issues causing these shootings), I know we will find a way to lessen or hopefully eliminate these events. We can’t keep saying, “Oh, that’s just the way it is these days.”

No, we’re here to change bad things and make good things better.

Sorry for my rant, but new approaches need to be implemented and fast to get ahead of the next potential shooting. The fact that lawmakers at the time didn’t do something profound to fix this problem after the Sandy Hook disaster is shameful and perplexing. That was such a devastatingly terrible event on a psychic level — but still it didn’t seem to really affect our administration or Congress or even the Judiciary at the time. Frankly, I still can’t believe that, but it’s the God-honest truth. And it’s time for more of that God-honest truth to surface now.

So I am praying that our current leaders (who claim to be tougher, more straightforward, and driven) than the Obama administration and those Congresspeople back in Dec. 2012 will actually rise above the political/NRA baloney and actually fix this menace in our society. It’s time to think as the good souls we’re supposed to be and the good people we need to be to help fix the MANY problems that contribute to such terrible, violent and troubling behavior.

Make it a good Saturday folks. And remember that we can focus on the positive aspects of life while still combatting the negative ones. Thanks for reading!