One of my sweetest, most spiritually connected clients was sitting in my living room for a reading and, all of a sudden, three young nuns in dark habits floated in front the foyer.

“So Diana, three young smiling nuns just appeared and they’re wearing dark habits — they want to comfort you now and they’re also with your Dad, who, of course, loves to appear in these readings, too.”

My client’s face lifted with a smile big and bright. “Oh, I know exactly who they are,” she explained. “My Dad helped to build their church and the nuns would love to sled with me when I was a teenager. It was great fun for them, and it’s one of my fondest memories of the 1970s.”

I told her, “Well, they wanted to say ‘hi,’ and to show you what their Heaven is like, as it was a wonderful time for them.

They also want to say that, along with your Dad, they’re guiding you through this uncertain time, making sure you’re safe and protected.” She told me she hadn’t thought of that time in decades and it was healing to revisit it through the reading. Then the nuns told me that, in the distant future, when it’s Diana’s time to go to Heaven, there will always be room for her on their tobaggon.

What a wonderful visit from the great beyond — and a surprising one — from nuns reminding my client of their sledding adventures!

Very emotional and healing, to say the very least. FUN NUNS…You never know who will show up in these readings…:).