Wow, this weekend was packed with readings that have been beyond intense — as emotional as they were healing. (Please Note: As always, names are changed for privacy).

Here are some quick highlights of a session with two cousins who are very close. I said to one of them (let’s call her Isabelle) that there was a person with an L name who had been talking to me since breakfast and couldn’t wait to connect. Isabelle began to weep a bit and I asked what the L stood for, and she said, Linda. And I knew it was her Mom, which was confirmed. I felt that her Mom had battled long and hard to survive and, in fact, had several times that she could have “taken an exit” off her the highway that symbolized her life journey. It turned out that Linda had stuggled with cancer for 40 years! While I was talking to Isabelle, the guides showed me another highway and pointed to exit 45. I asked if that meant anything to them and Isabelle stared at her cousin and then looked at me in astonishment. “That’s strange. My father died at age 45 and I haven’t even thought of him in years.” We’ll have much more on the cousins in the next installment. Have a great week, everyone!