Before I get going here, I need to say that the following reading is the PG version of what really occurred. During a session with a new client today, I conveyed that her boyfriend’s parents and his brother on the other side want him to — umm — have “full and complete sex” to conceive a baby. Apparently, he has been interfering with the process. (That’s as much detail as I can offer here, but stay tuned for the book version at some point in the future). Speaking of books, other guides said that my client and her boyfriend should get a copy of the Kama Sutra, for some extra pointers. I just received a great note from the client saying how insightful the reading was and that she has, indeed, just purchased a copy of that ancient book. Wishing them many happy returns. Hopefully, this guidance also will help them to conceive a baby, too.
Best, Charles at