Hi Everyone — I’ve been so busy with readings, I haven’t had two minutes to update you. One of my dearest clients, who receives phone readings every month or so, was talking to me about her fledgling photography business. As we spoke, her dearly departed grandmother showed me leaves illuminated by the setting sun at exactly the right time and angle. I explained this vision to her and said, “I keep hearing — Moments In Time — and that’s what this business is all about — not just photography. What you’re actually doing is capturing and perserving moments in time.” There was a brief gasp and she said, “That’s exactly the name of the business I wanted to use, but someone told me to use my initials instead and just call it, KC Photography.” I shook my head. “No, I think it’s clear that you need to use Moments In Time, as it came directly from a Divine source.” So she opted to use the name and her business has gained some nice momentum. She later told me she entered a contest where she had to photograph a room in a historic building. She went into the best corner to get what she thought was the ideal shot of the whole room. In that shot, she clearly saw the reflection of green leaves illuminated by the setting sun (as I had predicted). But this time, the green leaves were depicted in stained glass. She told me this blew her mind and I said, “Honey, your Grandmother is one of the best, most vocal spirit guides around, so I’m not shocked that she’s involved in all of this, including a business that’s obviously part of your spiritual mission.”