I have had some very interesting referrals in my time — and each one has been wonderful. But the last three people that I’ve talked to were actually referrals from — another psychic. While that’s a lovely honor from a peer, it’s especially nice when the peer is, herself, now on the other side!
(“Say What?” You say).
(I say, “That’s Right.”).
I have had three people who have come to me who often visited a recently-passed psychic who I’ll call, Tammy, to preserve her anonymity. What a distinct pleasure to have her appear in the readings, still helping her clients and friends, but using me as an Earth-bound representative.
And in one of those readings, Tammy, and the mother of a first-time client, Reggie, came through loud and clear, giving us many great confirmations. But my favorite confirmation came at the very end, when I saw a flash of an old TV show called, The Love Boat, and I asked, “Why is she showing me The Love Boat?”
My new client smiled and said, “Oh, that’s because she just LOVED that show!” He also asked me what she looked like now, and I said she seems like she’s in her early 60s, explaining that souls tend to choose ages and places that represented their happiest times in life.
He said, “That makes sense. That’s how old she was when she was with my stepfather.” So I asked, “So was she with him when The Love Boat was on TV?” He said yes, and I explained, that she was also showing me The Love Boat, because being on Heaven’s version of that vessel/show was actually her Heaven. How fun is that?