I was just concluding a phone reading with my client, Mary, and she said that her daughter, Franny, had just texted her a shot of the great seats she nabbed at a Patriot’s game. Mary said, “I don’t know how she got such great seats.” I said, “Oh, your Dad helped her get them,” Mary paused and said, “That’s really strange, because the photo she just sent me had a sign in the middle of the crowd saying “Dad No. 1!” This happened a few weeks ago and Mary is still saying how crazy that was, not to mention the rest of the reading. Meanwhile, one of her close friends, who’s recovering in a hospital, said she dreamt of Mary’s Dad about a month after this photo incident. And now that I look at the photo again, there’s a man with an Angel’s cap complete with a halo in the foreground. Yet another sign of Mary’s fatherly angel — right in front of our eyes.