I had a funny reading with a repeat client whose boyfriend, Rory, won’t go beyond heavy making out in a car. In fact, he turned down her invitation to spend the night in a hotel.
We went back and forth in the reading and her grandfather on the other side said, “Hey, the guy’s afraid to show her his goods. He likes her, but he’s fearful he won’t measure up.”
I laughed out loud and asked her grandfather, “Come on, he can’t be that worried about that, can he?”
My client (let’s call her Glenda), asked why I was laughing about her boyfriend’s lack of intimacy and I said, “No, no — it’s not that.”
She pressed and I looked at her grandfather and shrugged. He told me to see if she ever talked about old boyfriends with this guy. So I said, “Your grandfather says maybe you said something about old boyfriends that might have thrown him off.”
Glenda said, “Well, about three months ago, we were talking about old relationships and I told him about a boyfriend who was very well-endowed, in fact, too big, and Rory’s eyes bulged out of his head.”
“Okay, okay,” I said. “So your grandfather is right, you freaked him out and he’s afraid to share his manhood with you.”
She laughed and said, “Oh, I think you’re right. That must be it.”
I advised her to stop talking to present or future boyfriends about old boyfriends, until the relationship is very well-established (and then only when you need to do it).” Mystery solved!