Hi Everyone — I had a quick reading the other day with a brand new client that blew her and everyone watching away.

As she was sitting down, I was asking her about a male relative around her Dad’s age, but he didn’t feel like her Dad. Yet he felt loving and supportive. And he was literally trying to impart his knowledge by working through her mind, as if he was inserting his soul behind her forehead and eyes. That was quite a funky image, let me tell you.

He was showing me that he wanted her to see and know what he knew, allowing her to interpret it and use it for her profession.

“Is that why I keep feeling a rubbing sensation on my forehead?” she asked.

“That must be it,” I replied, “Because I’ve never heard or seen any spirit try to get into a client’s head that way before.”

Then she said, “I think that’s my Uncle, because he was a pediatrician and I’m working on soothing and healing babies through energy work.” I smiled and said, “So he IS trying to help you seeing things through his eyes. But be sure to do what you need to do using your own skills with infants.”

Then he showed me old re-runs of I Love Lucy and I asked her if there was any reason for that. If he loved that show or if there’s a Lucille or Lucy he needs to tell you about.

She laughed and said, “His wife is Lucy and she’s over there with him.” Getting some shivers on my arms, I told her that I sensed Lucy was part of the reading. But her Uncle wanted to run the show, at least for the next 30 minutes.

“Sounds just like him,” she said and grinned toward the Heavens.

After that, her Uncle kept calling me “Pal” or “Pally” and I asked her if that was meaningful to her and she burst out laughing. “His name — or the one we all called him, was Pally!”

I lifted my hands up and said, “Man, he’s good…Giving us confirmations left and right.”

Uncle Pally nodded his head and said, “Make sure she keeps her eye on the prize — the business she’s building and the babies she’s helping. She’s a great greeter for their souls and she’s easing them into this lifetime in a way few babies every experience. He added that she handles some of the most sensitive souls, but she puts them at ease, even if their parents are flipping out over every little thing.

In fact, he explained, “She’s not there for the parents, she’s there for the kids and the parents who get that will bring babies back to her. She should concentrate on them, because repeat business should be her primary goal.”

She said, “Maybe that’s why I keep giving discounts on the follow-up visits, because I’ve been thinking that repeat business is what I need to focus on.”

“If Pally is in your head,” I replied, “and you’re doing what he knows is best for the babies, then I think you are in extremely good hands.” She seemed very relieved to hear that and everything else that had transpired in the reading.

This client has already referred a few people to me in just a few weeks. And good old Pally was as present for me as if he had been alive, standing behind her. Quite a reading for everyone involved.