I received a very interesting note from a prospective client, explaining that she woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming “psychics” and “sidekicks.” She googled those terms and found MyPsychicSidekick.com. We went back and forth with a few notes and she ended up driving quite a distance from VT to see me. First off, she and I shared two very intuitive/psychic numbers (the 7 and the 11) and I was able to help translate many epiphanies she had been feeling that were actually direct communications from some of her loved ones. It was important for her to identify her gifts and no longer think she was making them up. That alone was a major development. In fact, so much happened in this reading that I’ll need to share snippets of it in other posts. But here’s one more: I sensed that she and her now 19-year-old daughter were having issues living in the same house again and her guides sent me the image of a woman’s belt. And I said, “This is weird, but they keep showing me this belt. Why is that important?” She laughed and said, “The belt? Well, she asked me to borrow my belt the other day and I told her, ‘Why don’t you just buy one of your own?” They went back and forth and the younger woman finally got to borrow the belt. Though this was kind of a goofy argument, it actually summarized a lot of the boundary issues they’ve had in living together again. When the daughter heard about the belt reference, she flipped, because it was strangely meaningful. Apparently, I was meant to help keep the peace at home and foster my client’s own psychic development. Two good reasons to get a reading, for sure!