Most readings are scheduled (sometimes more than a week in advance), but others just are thrust upon everyone involved in the middle of a conversation, even by text. One night, as I was coming home on a train, I was texting with a client and friend (Let’s call her Daisy). Not two lines into the texting conversation, I felt a strong shiver and the guides were telling me that I needed to mention “Nathaniel” (again, changed for privacy). “Wait,” Daisy typed. “Nate was my eighth grade friend who had a big crush on me. His Mom and my Mom live in the same complex in Arizona and his Mom keeps telling my Mom that she wished I had been her daughter-in-law.” I nodded and typed, “Well, he’s giving me the shivers and he’s saying, ‘I’m here, honey. I’m here.” Then I felt Daisy’s Dad, Mitch, around us (as I do often), and then her first love, a guy named Rick. Daisy told me she started getting the shivers and became very emotional. Tears started to well up in my eyes, too, and I was on a packed train with many people just staring at me. I typed that to Daisy and she laughed, while I was trying to look like I wasn’t receiving terrible news. Around that point, I sensed that all three of the guys were there to protect Daisy, so I told her to be very careful driving, in particular. We talked after I got off the train and she explained that both Rick and Nate had died suddenly and tragically and on the young side. So I reiterated that I wanted to make sure she did everything she could to stay safe. “You don’t think they’re here to take me to Heaven, do you,” she asked. “No, I definitely think they’re here to protect you, as they like watching the antics you continue to get into,” I told her after Rick conveyed that message to me. Well, the next day, Daisy texted me and said she was being safe driving, but just heard from her husband, Drake (name changed), and he was almost in an accident, as a car drove at him several yards on the wrong side of the street, before each driver swerved to avoid a collision. “OMG,” I typed. “Well, they were here to protect your current man, because that protects you and keeps you going here.” While that was a relief, I told her I thought he and she and anyone else in the family should continue to stay as safe as possible, especially driving. Things just didn’t seem to be normal quite yet. So the next day, Daisy texted me and said, “You’re never going to believe this, but Drake’s bus he was driving was just hit by some other car. He’s fine, but the bus is in rough shape.” I told her to continue to be careful and tell him to do the same, but all of this confirmed what I was feeling from the former guys in her life, that they want to protect the things she holds most dear now, as she held each of the men close to her heart, in different ways, while they were alive (and still to this day, as they’re on the other side). This just goes to show that Angels and readings can pop up at any given time when they’re needed.