Oh, I still have more interesting reflections on recent readings to share. But I had to share this snapshot from daily life, especially given the New Year.

So as I was rushing (yet again) to get out of the house and drive my daughter to get her breakfast, a quarter fell out of my coat. I just left it on the floor, as we have a lot going on today.

After getting her breakfast, we wanted to grab just a couple of things and went to a pharmacy we like, but almost never visit. I purchased the two items we needed and used cash. I got change back and it sounded strange, so I examined it. Part of the change was a silver quarter from 1956, which I noticed at 11. (See the 11s? They’re all around us).

As you may know, quarters minted in 1964 and earlier were silver. Angelically, this is definitely a message to preserve the best of the past as we forge ahead into 2019…And let’s consider this token our LUCKY QUARTER, and a good omen of abundance…:)