Yes, more often than not. And several clues are conveyed from a medium’s words into a client’s soul. In many recent readings, I’ve had almost every person say, “I just had that happen to me,” or “I just had that idea pop into my head earlier this week.”

When people come with a friend for readings, I’ll often hear that something I said was literally just what they were talking about on the way to the reading. “Did you bug our car and listen to us?” I’ll hear from a few with a very funny sense of humor.

Let me share a secret — I am not technical enough to ever plant a bug in anyone’s car or home. So how could these so-called coincidences happen, over and over and over again?

It’s because Spirit Guides are whispering the same things in your minds that they’re telling me, but I often hear them more clearly through phrases like, “Come on, buddy, just tell her she needs to be easier on herself” — or thousands of other messages. There are a few in the last few days that have been especially interesting — and specific.

Here are two: one long-term client told me she was just laid off from a very tough and soul-draining job. I told her that her Angels are showing two champagne glasses clinking in celebration.

She laughed and said, “Funny you should bring that up, because after hearing about the lay off, I got home and found a bottle of champagne that I had not used during New Year’s Eve. My son and I poured two glasses and toasted my new future.”

Then I told her she’s going to love her new penthouse apartment. She laughed again, and said, “I was just visiting with the leasing manager last week and she said, “You know, your apartment is our penthouse. I didn’t even know that until she said it, and now you’re bringing it up now. What’s up with that?”

I smiled. “These messages show that your Guardian Angels were with you both of those times and wanted to prove that to you through our reading today. It’s confirmation that you’re getting much of the help you need in this life.”

Again, I thank God and the Angels and the rest of the Spirit Guides who make all of these sessions so unpredictable and special. Gang, it’s only getting more intense and the arm shivers (my physical confirmations) happen countless times during many readings. Fun stuff, for sure. More to come.

Thanks for reading!

XO, Charles, MyPsychicSidekick