You can tune into this live broadcast below (as long as it lasts). Here was a screen capture showing the moon in all of its glory!

If you thought things were already off to a strange start this year, wait until you see the fur fly with this crazy full blood moon and the first full eclipse we’ve seen in years. My daughter and I have been feeling the effects of this powerful combination since last Wednesday. So please take everything in stride — even people who seem bat-sh-t crazy at any given time over the next week or so. Just try to stay away from them or protect yourself with God’s light or imagine yourself sealed in a forcefield of mirrors, so you let any strange energy just bounce off of you. I know, easier said than done, but give it a try, please. On the very positive side, this moon can help people make the right steps in their careers and love lives…Make the best of it, whatever happens. XO, Charles,